Lash Lover's Rescue Pack

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Here is a special Rescue Pack to get you by until we can get you fluffed back up. The GrandeLash MD is an Enhancing Serum that is safe to use with your extensions. (We think it's a good idea even when there isn't a worldwide pandemic.)

We don't typically recommend mascara but the GrandeLash Mascara is okay to use with your extensions IF you have some bare spots.

Our Chrysanthemum Cleanser is gentle enough for everyday use. And we have paired it with some lint free applicators and brushes for precision cleaning.

We encourage you to start using your serum at least once a day, we can usually see results in 3-4 weeks. This will give you everyday fuller lashes and the better your natural lashes are the bigger better extensions we can put on!

We have seen the desperate things people do to their lashes all in the name of beauty. We got you!!


Kit includes:

GrandeLash Serum

TLA Chrysanthemum Cleanser

GrandeLash Mascara

10 Lint Free Applicators

2 Fluffy Brushes

1 Cleansing Brush