Cleaning Kit

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Cleanser, lint free brushes, lash wand... everything you need to fluff those bad boys up and keep the eyes healthy!


Chrysanthemum Cleanser:

This natural foaming lash wash is great for removing makeup and cleaning the eyes. It cleans without drying the skin out and gently removes dust, oils, and make-up.

Quick ingredient overview...

Soapberry- creates a gentle creamy lather that is perfectly balanced for the skin, protects and strengthens the lipid layer, relieves irritation, antibacterial 

Chrysanthemum Indicum- very beneficial to the eyes, antibiotic, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, anti viral

Chinese Sumac- Anti microbial, anti inflammatory 

Licorice Root- improves skin tone, antioxidant, skin soothing

Angelica Root- analgesic, antibacterial, soothes irritated skin